ROCHER TRIADE ENERGY LIMITED is an indigenous oil servicing company registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a Limited Liability Company. It is a synergy of professionals in the different fields of Marine Engineering, Geology, and Logistics and Business Administrators...Read More
The Nigerian Government has set a minimum local content target of 75% by 2010 for all works and contracts to be undertaken in or on behalf of all oil & gas companies operating in the Nigerian oil & gas industry... Read More
We offer and operate offshore vessels in collabration with our partners in the U.S.A who are owners and manage over 40 modern fleet of Advanced offshore vessels such as PSV, AHTS, MRSV, Pipe-layers and Drilling Ships...Read More
RT Energy, with the process of constant review of in house operations and ongoing analysis and comparison with competitors and other similar companies, will seek to identify and implement the ‘Best Practises’ in every business undertaken...Read More
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