Environmental & Waste Management Policy
At RT Energy we are very conscious of the environment. This is why we run an effective and up to date environmental management system.

In Theory, an Environmental Management System describes the structure, responsibilities, practices, processes and resources for implementing environmental management to achieve set objectives towards continuous performance, and at RT Energy we put this theory into Practise and deliver a well structured and efficient environmental managing system.

Our objectives of our Environmental Management system

  • To achieve sustainable compliance with legislation and policy
  • To achieve and demonstrate sound environmental performance
  • To ensure all hazards and effects are formally identified and assessed
  • To ensure controls are devised and implemented
  • To integrate environment into business

At RT Energy our Environmental Management System is considered effective as we carry this out with the following Goals:

  • Avoidance of liability
  • Good corporate image
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Reduction in loss of production
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