Quality Assuarance & Quality Control Policy
In the aspect of Quality we aim at providing a well reliable system by providing well engineered and cost effective solutions for projects, and by performing our work on schedule.

It is the main aim of the QA/QC – system in this policy to prevent or to detect at an early stage any deviation from the above mentioned objectives whereby Quality shall have priority in any case of objectives.

All personnel with the company shall perform their duties at all times in accordance with the requirements of this policy. For the effectiveness of our QA/QC – system, Quality is assured from inception to the completion of any project.

The Project Director is authorized by the Board of Directors to identify Quality problems and initiate, recommend and provide solutions thereto and also to prevent further processing of non-conforming items or activities until non-conformance is corrected satisfactorily. The project Director also at all times shall maintain and control the issue of this policy as well as verifying the  implementation of its requirements and as thus regularly report the status and effectiveness of its implementation to the Board of Directors. Any disputes concerning implementation of the requirements of this document shall be referred to the Managing Director for resolution.

Quality Control
The works shall be subjected to inspection based on the testing requirements of the contract and approved specifications for each item of work.

The inspection activities shall be detailed in quality control plans and procedures.

Specialised inspection shall be employed to carry out all inspection activities as specified in the quality plans. The inspectors shall be provided with all the necessary technical data, drawings, specifications, and work procedures.
All non-conformance detected on an item of work shall be proceeded as provided for in the quality plans.

All quality control/inspection reports shall be certified by the assigned inspector and incorporated in the final project documentation.

Final inspections to verify that the completed works with the contract requirements and to ascertain the operational readiness of the works shall be carried out.

A check list for the inspection of each item of work shall be developed prior to commencement of work.

Quality Control Auditing

  • To ensure compliance with the corporate Quality Policy of the company, the procedures and plans shall be audited periodically by management.
  • The project Quality Control Co-ordinate shall develop and implement an audit program for the project.
  • The audits shall be scheduled regularly on the basis of the importance and status of the various work activities.
  • The audits shall be carried out using standard checklist to be provided by the Corporate Quality Assurance Manager.
  • The result of the audits shall be forwarded to the Quality Assurance Manager for evaluation.
  • Audits shall be carried out by personnel who do not have direct responsibility in the area being audited.
  • The audit results shall be documented in standard Audit Report Forms.
  • There shall be follow-up actions to ensure that audit recommendations are implemented.

Good housekeeping is one of the most essential keys to a safe workplace and it applies to every area worker, piece of equipment and materials involved in every job. Simply, good housekeeping means storing materials, equipment, tools and other items AT ALL TIMES in the way that will eliminate the possibility of their creating hazards and injuries.

  •  Supervisors are responsible for establishing appropriate storage area systems. As needed, every work area will be provided with cabinets, boxes, bins, shelving and other storage systems which allow all materials to be kept safety. In establishing storage systems, particular attention must be paid to special requirements for each piece of equipment, with regard to possible flammability, toxicity, special stacking requirements or             other safety concerns.
  • As work is in progress, all materials are to be placed with care while temporarily out of use and replaced immediately and properly after use. This includes not only larger pieces, but all tools, slings, safety belts, shack lets, ropes and all other items.
  • Smaller supplies, such as nuts, bolts, and welding rods should be kept in appropriate containers at all times.
  • Cables, cords and ropes should be carefully coiled and stored when not in services and should never be left where they could cause a hazard, either in use or otherwise.
  • Disposal of all waste materials immediately. Proper containers    for dumping waste and all other debris, (including flammable) will be provided. These must be used.
  • Whenever necessary, re-stack, re-organize, and re-arrange materials for continuous stability, safety and neatness.
  • Storage dun age in neat piles in designated areas or under equipment.
  • Always keep access ways, passages and walk ways completely clear of materials and cluster.
  • Keep areas clear and well-maintained as you work.
  • All work areas should be inspected daily to assure compliance with all the aspects of good housekeeping.

A consideration which should never be underestimated, include such aspects as:

  • Prior notification of job start-up to allow for moving of vehicles.
  • Prior notification of water cut-off and explanation of job procedures.
  • Minimizing disturbance to property and maximizing restoration efforts.
  • (Rule of thumb: People hate surprises and love consideration.)
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