Security Policy
Satisfactory security is a desired condition created within and in conjunction   with the company’s operations, which means protection and reputation.

The Company’s security policy covers the following safety areas;

  • Persons
  • Information
  • Property
  • Reputation/goodwill

Security Objectives

  • Identifying and evaluating material threats to RT ENERGY LTD employees and operations.
  • Protect the company’s assets and operations against competing business interests and in the event of damage, limit the effects.
  • Reduce the risk that these threats will arise or lead to undesirable conditions as low as reasonably practicable.

Security Process
Security awareness among personnel should be unforced and maintained through training activities as well as defined and established routines and instructions.

Information about employees, partners, financers, customers and others should be treated with customary confidentiality to safeguard the integrity of these parties.

Compliance with current security regulations and guidelines should be ensured by providing advice and conducting audits. The security functions and initiate changes as necessary.

Defined organisational responsibility for security should be adopted .The policy, rules, instructions and routines which are established in the operating systems and should be adhered to by everyone working within RT Energy.

Compliance with current security regulations with guidelines should be ensured by providing advice and conducting audits. The security function should initiate changes as necessary.

Security Responsibility
This security policy has been confirmed by the Board of Directors of ROCHER TRIADE.

  • All HSE personnel are obliged to take part in security work.
  • The Chief Security officer also has co-ordination for information security of ROCHER TRIADE
  • The Chief  Security officer discusses major security measures with the executive board management , develop a common view within the organisation on the subject, co-ordinates security with the company’s operating plans and could have overall decision making rights within his/her area of expertise security and information security
  • The Chief security Officer is responsible for all co-ordination of matters related to security and information security as well as developing methods and maintaining the adopted policy, rules, instructions and routines.
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